Domain Investment – Choose the seven elements of successful domain name

Domain investing is an information technology development trend of e-commerce terminal investment behavior ,which is the subject of style investment style is based attacks for the purpose of commercial operations. In today’s increasingly expanding Internet , domain name registration has become a major investor. Coupled with the media continue to disclose those riches fortune through the assignment of domain names and examples , more people all rush.

A good domain name registration is a successful start , when you want to register a new domain name,please keep the following principles:

1 easy to remember

This is the most important principle. NetEase now abstain in branding domain and, and switch to, because the latter is easier to remember .

2 with the directly related to your business

Although there are many domain name is easy to remember , but if you have the same commercial activities carried out by nothing , you can not treat your domain name with your business activity linked , which means you have to spend money to advertise your domain name. For example , one can see immediately know is an online pharmacy.

3 length should be short

Short length not only easy to remember domain name , and users spend less time to enter your domain name. For example , the largest U.S. bookstore chain, barnes & noble tradition of opening an online bookstore , the original use of the domain name, since replaced by after traffic and sales have greatly increased .

4 English words or spelling correct spelling

If you take English words or spelling as a domain name , be sure to spell correctly .

5 with your logo or business name

If you have already registered the trademark , trade name as a domain name please . If you are faced with the local market, please corporate name as a domain name ; If you want to face the international market , follow the above principles 2 .

6 Register . Com domain names under

. com domain name registration is the preferred top-level domain , you can display the globalization of business philosophy.

7 Do not infringe on other people’s trademarks

New global domain name registered by domain policies can not contain trademarks or celebrity names, if your domain name is a violation of this principle , not only will lose ownership of the domain name is registered and will be fined and prosecuted.


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