Don’t Lose Your Data: Why Backing Up Your Files is Important.

Don’t Lose Your Data: Why Backing Up Your Files is Important.

In 1858 American oil explorer Edwin Drake invented something that was to change the world – the oil drill. He spent years toiling in difficult conditions and doing the hard work while trying different styles and methods of drilling until he hit on the one that worked. It was a breakthrough that should have set him and his family up for life. But he overlooked one critical thing – he failed to patent his drilling invention.

It is a mistake we all make from time to time. We are so busy with doing – selling, making, creating, promoting, building, etc. – that we neglect critically important but mundane things. A thing that often gets neglected is backing up your website and its files so you don’t lose data. This is a task that is undoubtedly boring so it’s easy to push it down the priority list – until, of course, the worst happens.

The story of Edwin Drake may jolt you into action though. While others profited and became millionaires from his invention, he got nothing. He ended up spending his money speculating in the oil markets on Wall Street. In 1863 he lost everything and lived much of the rest of his days in poverty, known as the “crazy man.”

Don’t Wait, Automate

Before going any further it’s important to say that an assumption is being made here. That assumption is that you believe backups are critical. Of course if you’re the gambling sort who likes to play fast and loose while relying on good fortune, then backups may not be your thing. But when it comes to backup systems, caution with forward planning is the only prudent approach.

Let’s get back to a word that was mentioned earlier – mundane. You can probably think of any number of things that are more interesting than talking about backups. For example, deciding whether to stir you coffee clockwise or anti-clockwise. How’s that for mundane?

But the solution to backing up your files and website doesn’t have to be mundane. This is because of technology from a variety of different providers that handles the full process of backing up your website and files automatically. You just need to spend a short amount of time setting it up and after that, the system will look after itself.

Things To Look Out For

Here are some things you should look out for when implementing a backup and restore system for your website and company.

Automatic – stop worrying that the movie Terminator will become real and let the machines do the work (for those of you under 30, Terminator is a story where machines take over the world and start to exterminate humans).
Version Control – multiple versions of backups are important so that you have a choice if you ever have to run a restore. You do not want a situation where the restored files have the same corruption as the lost files!
Zip Archive – this gives you an extra element of comfort as the files can be stored on your own computer or other media as well as on the servers at your backup and restore provider – when it comes to backups, being a control freak is okay!
File Specific Restorations – so that you can restore certain files that have become corrupted rather than everything.
Quick and Easy – remember how mundane the topic of file backups is?!
Price – compare prices as this should not be a significant expense and good deals can be found.

The oil explorer Edwin Drake became impoverished and the subject of some ridicule following his oversight. It may not be as bad as losing your data without having proper backup systems in place, but you will undoubtedly be worse off in some way. This can be prevented with some simple foresight and a small amount of investment.
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