Chinese Domain Name Sales Taking Off

According to a posting on the NiceNic blog, the hottest topic at a recent Chinese domain name fair was the public auction of tens of thousands of domains for .cn and the IDN for .china (in Chinese). The names had previously been reserved by the Chinese registry CNNIC.

The top 20 domain sales were, with prices in Chinese Yuan (CNY – CNY100,000 approximately equals US$16,550): CNY3,098,000 CNY2,004,000 CNY1,100,000 CNY704,000 CNY664,000 CNY608,000 CNY558,000 CNY522,000 CNY508,000 CNY504,000 CNY470,000 CNY400,000 CNY380,000 CNY372,000 CNY312,000 CNY306,000 CNY304,000 CNY254,000 CNY242,000 CNY238,000.



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